28 Feb 2015
Recent status of new graduates / mid-career recruitment Currently in Japan is a seller market, adopting new graduates, mid-career talent
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Recent status of new graduates / mid-career recruitment

  • Currently in Japan is a seller market, it is getting more difficult to adopt new graduates and midway personnel.
  • It is difficult to secure long-term young talent because the candidates intend to apply to the metropolitan cities of Tokyo and Osaka concentrating.

⇒ It is difficult to recruit candidates even if hiring costs are multiplied.

Excellent IT human resources of Vietnamese people.
It is possible to introduce clients to Vietnam after recruiting and educating (IT, IT skills) of excellent IT talents that clients need in Japan.
* Realized through partnership with ONE TERRACE ltd. With offices in Vietnam and Japan
Company information on IT education at Vietnamese side

VNITO Award 2015: “Emerging IT Outsourcing Enterprises

You can introduce a wide range of talent from SE that has been awarded a system development company awarded to student engineers studying abroad in Japan, and you can join the operation as SES.
Why Vietnamese talent can be active in Japan
  • As the national character is similar to the Japanese, it is diligent and it is also a friendly day, so it is easy for Japanese companies to become familiar
  • High ambition and motivation to learn. Because it is also excellent in language ability, it is easy to catch up with new things.
Nationality and ambition of Vietnamese talent
  1. Becoming a key person for overseas development: Because it is good in language, there is a high possibility that it will become a necessary human resource even in developing business in other countries as well as Vietnam.
  2. Become talent for the leader's layer: the motivation for self-growth is also high, there are also places that you are willing to lose, so growth is fast. There are also many people who are younger to have troubles.
  3. Even if you are not in an urban area you can work. There are many people who like the scenery of Japan with four seasons and the personality of the Japanese people, so there are many people who want to go to the region rather than the downtown area