Besides the two main services are study and employment support. True to the motto and philosophy of the company “Bring the opportunity to shine and unite everyone in the world.” To provide the best support and attention to candidates and employers. Our company also offers a variety of other services.


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With the increasing demand for study and job search in Japan. And with the increasing number of Japanese companies entering Vietnam. We decide to expand to the other services. We have created Japanese language education .For those who wish to study Japanese and work in Japan or looking for work in Japanese companies in Vietnam. Especially with the recruitment of many IT engineers of Japanese companies. We want to train Japanese IT engineers so that they can get jobs in Japanese companies. We want to accompany you and support you on your way of making your dreams by teaching Japanese as well as ensuring your work. You just have to try your best and we are always with you in any difficult situation.


We want to save time and create more opportunities for Japanese language learners to talk with Japanese visitors to Vietnam. So we decided to create a Japanese language exchange environment for Japanese language learners. Bike for foreigner was established in the form of guided tours of Ho Chi Minh City by bicycle for Japanese tourists to Vietnam. Through this you will develop your ability to learn the language and expand relationships with international friends.


other servicesWorkflow automation is the optimal solution for a paperless office model. The automated model analyzes workflow and maximizes operational efficiency by combining company operations with software. With Workflow automation, your work is always organized in a systematic way, as each individual is tasked to accomplish a specific purpose.


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We provide a platform that allows you to manage and guide your business through online. Manual online is a form of online manual answering and work instructions that you do not need to be present to guide staff directly.